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Koguva yacht harbour

The famous Koguva fishing village dates back centuries, and it has had a harbour since times unknown. The well-known Estonian writer Juhan Smuul, who through his books celebrated Muhu fishing traditions and local villagers, also came from Koguva. Today his birth home hosts the Muhu Museum which certainly is worth a visit.

The non-profit organisation Ankur (Anchor) is on a mission to restore Koguva harbour and develop various tourism services and other ventures related to the sea, fishing and boating on the island of Muhu. Our main goals are to renovate and maintain the harbour as well as promote coastal fishing and increase the attractiveness of Muhu for inbound tourism.

Although much still remains to be done, many results can already be seen: both the harbour and the local fishermen are active, and various eating and accommodation options have been introduced – not to forget the interesting fishing museum which tells about the history of Koguva’s fishing dynasties. On the other hand, despite all the developments we have remained true to the village’s pieceful atmosphere, because urban hustle and bustle simply does not belong here. After all, Koguva is a village where time stands still.

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